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Moving To Phoenix – What Should I know:

Arizona Science Center

If you’re thinking of moving to Phoenix, Arizona, here are some useful details about the city which should give you an idea as to what this place is like and what you can expect to see and experience once you arrive there.

Arizona Science Center
The Valley of the Sun – a nickname for the Phoenix metropolitan area, is a place which is famous for its high-end resorts, night clubs, Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses, warm winter and – of course, lots of sunshine (to begin with). The Salt River Valley, which is also how Phoenix is known, is one of the biggest cities in the USA by land and is also the county seat of Maricopa County. Phoenix is one of the most affordable cities, according to Bloomberg, and the housing there is cheaper, too. So, in case you are wandering whether to buy or rent a place, it is good to know that purchasing a property is an option worth considering. With 1,500 000 people living there approximately, this large city gives you a wide choice of properties.


Phoenix is a cultural center for the metropolitan area and the county, divided into urban villages, which is one of the specific things about the city. So, the 15 villages you could choose between are:

Central City
South Mountain
Rio Vista
Deer Valley
Desert View
Camelback East
Ahwatukee Foothills
Paradise Valley
North Mountain
North Gateway
In addition to those urban villages, there are also regions and districts in Phoenix.

There is a lot to see and experience in Arizona, if only you give a chance to the city!

The city lies in the Sonoran Desert and logically, it has a hot desert climate. The winters are short, mild and warm, and the summers are hot and very long. Phoenix has a clear sky and lots of sunshine. More than 90% of the year the days are full of sunshine. This makes Phoenix one of the hottest cities in the USA.

What is typical about the deserts is that they undergo temperature fluctuations during the day and night. But Phoenix is an exception to that rule. The heat through the day is kept in the concrete building, pavements and sidewalks and is radiated at night which doesn’t allow the city to get really cold as deserts do. The air has moisture but there is little precipitation through the year. The least quantities of rain fall in June and the most – in July.


The economy of the city is very important in terms of what job offers are available on the job market. The GDP of Phoenix rises in the recent years. The top economy sectors that develop mostly are real estate, government, tourism, waste management, construction, professional services, retail, wholesale, manufacturing (production of electronic equipment, computers, chemicals, aircraft parts, missiles, processed foods, financial services, and health care. So, you have a wide choice of employment opportunities. You can find a job in sales and related occupations, office and administrative support occupations, food preparation and serving related occupations, training, education, libraries, management, business and finances, healthcare practitioners, technical jobs, production, construction, extraction, transportation, and moving materials. The government also offers lots of jobs because the city is a state capital and a county seat.

Phoenix Moving Companies – Ratings & Reviews

When moving to Phoenix, you should consider well what moving company to choose. This is even more important if you are moving from another state, or if you are relocating a more specific item like a piece of machinery, a piano, large equipment, or an office. Of course, it is much easier to organize a local move than an interstate one.
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