Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Myths About the Midwest Debunked:

Stereotypes have developed over the years regarding people from different regions of the country. The Midwest is no exception. Generally, midwesterners have been typified as honest, hardworking and neighborly.The more negative perception though has been one of brawny tan farm boys that are gullible, uneducated and uncultured. We’d like to clear-up some of the misconceptions out there about the people of the midwest.
1. Myth-Primarily Lutheran or Baptist Reality: Roman Catholicism is the predominant denomination in the Midwest states. Even Minnesota, so well-known for its many Lutherans, has a strong Catholic population. Jewish synagogues and Muslim mosques will be also be found in all the Midwest cities.
2. Myth-Rural Reality: Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Columbus. All these cities are in the Midwest, along with several others. Although the states of the Midwest are also known for their farms and forests, they are not without their large urban centers as well. There are plenty of city-dwellers in the Midwest.
3. Myth-Lack of ethnic diversity Reality: The northern states of this region have a large Native American population; manyAfrican-Americans migrated from the south to the industrial cities of the Midwest following the civil war era; over 40% of the Hmong population in the U.S. live in the Midwest states; in 2006 Minnesota ranked 5th in the nation regarding immigrants from Africa, many of them from Somalia.
4. Myth-They talk funny Reality: The movie Fargo has strongly influenced this perception with the strong emphasis on the scandinavian and slavic traits that can be found in Minnesotan speech. Is that true? Ya betcha, don’t ya know? The accent in the rest of the Midwest, however, does not have those traits and has become the standard for the nation when it comes to national broadcasters and others in the media
5. Myth-Not a vacation destination Reality: Many of Hollywood’s big stars vacation in the Midwest. It’s the home of the Great Lakes, unique in themselves. Minnesota’s Mall of America has become a big tourist draw in addition to its 10,000 lakes. South Dakota draws many to their scenic Badlands and the Mount Rushmore National Monument. All over the Midwest you will find cave tours, unique communities and festivals, and always, that wonderful Midwest hospitality.
6. Myth-Politically conservative Reality: A good portion of Midwest states have been dominated by the Democratic Party and a more liberal political bent. Vice President Hubert Humphrey being one of the highly noted Midwestern politicians to date.
7. Myth-Uncultured Reality: Minnesota has long been known for its strong support of the arts community, home of the Walker Arts Center and the Guthrie Theater. Iowa City is known as a center for the literary arts. Motown South came out of Detroit, the electrified blues from Chicago and Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
8. Myth-Uneducated Reality: The Chicago is home to at least two Nobel Prize winners in physics as well as the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. People from all over the world attend the Universities of Iowa and Minnesota because of their reputations in the medical field.
9. Myth: Gullible Reality: Neighborly, friendly, trusting and, of course, ‘Minnesota nice’ all fit the description of many Midwestern folk but they aren’t all goody-two shoes. Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, John Wayne Gacy are names of a few men from the Midwest that you wouldn’t want to try and hood-wink.
10. Myth-Unusual holidays Reality: Four inches of ice on the lakes of Minnesota (contrary to what is portrayed in some films) does not constitute a state wide shutdown to celebrate ice fishing. Although it may also seem like it to some, the opening day of deer hunting is not an officially recognized holiday in the Midwest.
Hopefully you’ve learned some new things about the Midwest in this article and corrected any misperceptions you might have had. The main thing you should take away from this article is that there is a lot of variety and diversity scattered across the Heartland of America. Kansas and Wisconsin both are known for farming but one looks nothing like the other. And what you find in Nebraska will be very different from what you’ll find in Michigan. The best way to learn the truth about the Midwest 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

San Jose Movers Beware of Theft during Move Process:

This the season. Thieves are looking for homes to hit.  There are times when your home is more vulnerable to theft. Watsonville Movers Moving & Storage wants our San Jose movers to be on the lookout and protect their homes throughout their move process.
There have been unfortunate news stories around the country of thieves pulling vans up to homes with sold signs and clearing them out when the owners are not at home. Neighbors will not notice that something is off unless they are informed. To an uninformed neighbor, it might just look like your moving out day but could actually be a thief getting away with the contents of your home. Protect yourself. Once your home sells, please inform your neighbors of your move date. Give them your cell phone number so that if they notice anything suspicious ahead of that date, they can contact you and let you know what is going on.
Another vulnerable time for your home is if you have to move out before it sells or after it sells but before settlement day.  Even if you have taken all of your personal belongings with you, thieves may target your empty house for appliances, fixtures and even copper piping. Again, having at least 1 or 2 neighbors who can keep an eye on your property can make all the difference in protecting your property from theft and vandalism. If you have home security, continuing paying for monitoring until closing.  It is also a good idea to contact your local police department as well so that when they do their regular rounds in your neighborhood, they can keep an extra eye on your property.
If you are having construction done on the home after you move out to prepare it for sale or as a contingency of sale, make sure your neighbors are informed about when contractors will be there and the companies they represent. They can always give you a call if they are not sure about someone who is “working” in your home.
Watsonville Movers Moving & Storage wants our San Jose movers informed and protected from theft during the move process. Chances are you will have nothing to worry about and that is what we hope for you. Be safe and be proactive against theft. Good luck throughout your move and remember we are here for all of your moving and storage needs. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Region Moving Companies Know That the Secret of Success Is Relocation:

Region moving organizations are encountering a surge in clients because of the current financial subsidence. While using the cash on discovering another home or flat may appear unrestrained when such a variety of individuals are unemployed, it may be the initial move towards achievement and monetary security. In case you're stuck without a vocation, low pay, or just eager and finding that your current home is making you glad, it may be time to roll out a huge improvement and gather your packs.

Presumably the best motivation to pack your life up is an absence of choices in your current city. Maybe the business you spend significant time in is encountering a downturn or there are an excess of excessively qualified experts vying for the same set number of occupations. For some individuals, it isn't discovering a vocation that is the issue. It's being stuck in a deadlock position with low wages and few profits. In case you're found going no place in an organization and feel like you have more to offer, you may discover better open doors somewhere else. When you've settled on the choice, do a bit of exploration before you begin moving. Nearby organizations in a neighboring state or town may not be improving much. Take a couple of days to investigate, search for vocation notices, and get a feel for the environment. You would prefer not to abandon everything just to wind up in a more terrible position.

On the off chance that you simply need to spare a bit of money, downsizing houses or flat rentals can roll out a noteworthy improvement in the well-being of your wallet. Region moving organizations are seeing more individuals making little hops. As opposed to going clear crosswise over town they might simply look at the marginally more modest loft over the street or a couple of avenues over. Thumping a couple of hundred dollars off your rent every month in return for some square crawls is an incredible approach to spare without trading off excessively. It's a pattern that is expanding itself past private property too. Entrepreneurs are finding that another, littler space can help the business of their organizations. local moving has never been so engaging.