Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Move Across the Pond to London or Stay Put in NYC:

When you have two great cities like London and NYC, it’s hard to ever really pick one over the other. How can you pick between centuries of culture and a place of brilliant innovation, a city where old and new coexist and one where people are always looking for the next big thing? Well, we are going to try and in the process figure out which one is the best place to live. After all, if you are going to decide whether you should move across the pond to London or stay put in New York City, you might as well get the best of the best.
After Work Pint vs Happy HourDear Americans, here’s how drinks work here. We go for a couple of pints after work, then have our tea (tea means dinner, tea as in the drink is consumed throughout the day anyway) and then go out for more drinks. Happy hour? More like happy all night long with cheap drinks and great company. On that note, we can drink outside. In the park, in the street, anywhere we want. And it’s great! London
Football vs BasketballFootball is simply in our blood. And not just in England. The whole world celebrated the World Cup recently, who celebrated the last FIBA Cup? Actually, who even knows what FIBA stands for? However, we have to admit that basketball requires some major skills and it does look pretty impressive. Plus basketball fans seem a bit less aggressive than ours. You win this one. NYC
HipstersNYC, that’s all on you. You started it and it spread all over the world. In any case, they are in both cities and nothing can be done about it. You just have to pick which kind of hipsters you prefer and learn to live with them. You can find them easily around the coffee shops in Shoreditch and Brooklyn, talking about how they found the place before it was popular. This one’s a TIE.
CultureHere in London we love our exhibitions. With 173 museums and 857 galleries over New York’s 131 and 721, we are clearly in the lead. You guys may have the Met, the MoMA, and the Natural History Museum but we have the National Gallery, the Tate and the British Museum, which has exhibits from all over the world. Plus they are all free for the public. Quantity and quality achieved. The point is ours. London
2-1 It seems that London wins this one. As we say on our side of the pond, if you are tired of London you are tired of life.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Packing & Moving the Dining Room Guide:

  1. Relocating the dining room

We have prepared so far different guides for packing and moving the different rooms of your home like the kitchen and we will continue with our guide on packing and moving the dining room. All the items in a dining room are important – whether these are fragile things, wooden furniture, expensive art, etc. they should have your attention for the right move. Planning how to pack a dining room is not difficult but still protecting best all of your belongings during your move should be your priority.

How to Pack a Dining Room

Let your movers know what you have for moving. If you want them to be able to plan your dining room relocation well, you should inform them in advance which items will be packed and shipped and what other services you will use (crating, storage, car moving, etc.) Prepare the building as well – if you live in an apartment, you may need to reserve an elevator for the moving crew. Arrange this with the building manager. If you live in a house, make sure that the way to it is clear so that the moving truck can reach it. In case that your house can be reached only via a road that is too narrow for a moving truck to pass, let the movers know in advance so they can take care of another way to take your dining room items to your new home.

Curtains and Draperies

Knowing how to pack your dining room is important in order to safely transport all of the items in it.
Curtains and draperies are easy to pack – fold them lengthwise and place them in boxes. A useful thing to do would be to use empty drawers and cupboards to pack them. Other soft and unbreakable items like napkins and table cloth can also be packed in the same way. For info and advice on how to pack fragile items we have a different article you can look at.

  1. How to wrap the dining room

Packing a Dining Room Table

When moving a dining room table, try to dismantle it, if possible. For all the small parts like screws, bolts and nuts, take a small, plastic bag and collect them there. After that tape the bag to the table so those little items won’t get lost. Don’t use tape directly on wood though as it could damage it. Make sure your table is clean and dry first. If you want to add extra protection for the corners, use corner protectors from moving supply stores or just ordinary cardboard. Wrap the table in moving pads and tape them well to secure them. If the top of the table is glass, use moving pads and then bubble wrap, and remember to secure well every layer of packing so the packing that you make is stable. Wrap the legs of the table, leaves and wooden table tops in furniture pads, towels or linen. The only disadvantage here is that after the move you will have to wash them, if you want to use them again, or you can use old clothes and throw them away after the relocation. This is how to wrap a dining room table for moving. Don’t use newspaper, because it may leave ink on the surface it comes into contact with.

How to Wrap a Dining Room Chair for Moving

If you can, dismantle the chair. Use furniture blankets of bubble wrap for the parts of the chair like legs. For any extensions like bars use bubble wrap. Remember to secure the packing of each item well with packing tape. Any small parts like bolts and screws should go in a plastic box and it should be taped to the chair they belong to. For any pillows that your chairs or couch may have, you can use boxes to stack them in.

Take special care of your wooden furniture for the move.
How to Move Your Dining Room

Remember that if you don’t have time to organize the relocation of your dining room or you don’t want to risk packing and moving the items yourself, you can always contact a professional moving company to do it instead of you. Hiring moving labor to do this job instead of you will save you time and risks for your items and for your health. Surely a moving crew with experience will pack your dining room much quicker and better than you. After you get a quote, ask the movers to come by your house or apartment for a visual estimate which is more precise. When the moving company representative comes, show the items you have for moving and discuss the details like packing, moving vehicle, storage, if you want, time for the whole moving, etc. Set a date and prepare for it. If you have items you won’t be moving, separate them on moving day, lock them in the bathroom or in one of the rooms in your home so movers won’t take it. Usually they are so quick that you may not notice when they have taken the empty boxes from the corridor or the bags with trash by the door to their truck

  1. Moving a dining room